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Digital Marketing Course in Ghatkopar

    Digital Marketing Course in Ghatkopar

    One of the most in-demand areas today is digital marketing. Those who learn the skills and tricks of popularising a webpage or website in the virtual world will have access to a plethora of job opportunities. Digital marketing covers a broad variety of skills, including SEO, Social Media Marketing, Google AdWords, and PPC, among others.

    Mediapasta’s Digital Marketing courses in Ghatkopar, Mumbai are well-structured and useful for things listed below :

    • Developing a detailed understanding of how digital marketing works
    • Gaining proficiency in the preparation, management, and execution of digital marketing campaigns
    • Customers’ digital marketing requirements should be acknowledged.
    • Increasing the visibility of your website to its full extent
    • Having the best bang for your buck with digital marketing strategies

    Know about us

    • For the fast-track batches and those seeking a post-graduate certificate in digital marketing, our courses last three months.
    • Our regular Simple Digital Marketing courses last 9 months and teach you how to write a resume as well as how to ace an interview.
    • This course involves three free interview rounds, during which our industry experts will evaluate the interview.
    • Each course an individual completes gives them a certificate, as well as a discount on the next new course they participate in.
    • In the 50-hour Full Digital Marketing Course, there is a 20-hour SEO course. The SEM/ Google AdWords Training course is 16 hours long, with three weekday batches available. Every day, 14 hours of SMO preparation. 5 days a week

    Our Key Highlights

    • A total of 250 hours of preparation have been completely set for training.
    • Mentoring one-on-one.
    • Every week, New Skill Exposure and will work on 5+ live projects.
    • Mastery of 20+ Business Tools in Just 6 Months

    Our Managerial Skills Taught

    • Client Briefing for Agency Operations
    • Client Campaign Formation, Reporting, and Evaluation: The Art of Pitching

    Our USP

    • The course is fully practical and covers basic to advanced concepts in SEO, SEM, and SMO.
    • 50-hour course* of 20+ modules
    • Working on Real-Time Projects
    • 100% placement assistance for a minimum of three interviews
    • The course is tailored to your needs, with a greater focus on subjects that need more attention.
    • Get insider information about how to get a job in the industry.
    • For a more diverse approach to Digital Marketing Concepts, learn with Agency Experience.
    • Option to work as an intern during the course to gain 100% practical knowledge and a certificate of completion.
    • Certificate of Live Project Experience

    Who can learn Digital Marketing?

    • Personals in sales and marketing
    • Entrepreneurs
    • Marketers in the Digital Age
    • Any other working professional, including students from any area.

    To know about our various courses tap the link given below

    What Skills will you get

    • How to pitch our prospect with confidence: Learn how to give a fantastic pitch to your prospect by first knowing their needs and then integrating your Digital Marketing skills.
    • Digital Analytics Mastery: Get started with analytical and statistical mastery by learning from the various analytical methods taught in the advanced Digital Marketing Course in Ghatkopar.
    • Become an Internationally Recognized Freelancer: Discover how to put yourself as an internationally recognised freelancer, find prospects, and pitch business all over the world.
    • Learn how to start your own advertising agency: Do you want to start your own advertising agency? Our experts will guide you through every step of the process of establishing an online agency.
    • Growing your follower base, increasing brand loyalty, networking with brands, and learning how to become a highly paying and successful influencer are all steps to becoming a highly paid and successful influencer.

    Why join Mediapasta Training?

    Our students receive the highest quality instruction from Not only do we have college students and recent graduates, but we also have working professionals who are educated by our experts. We deliver a wide variety of courses, from post-graduate programmes to fast-tracked Digital Marketing courses to topic-specific training. It is very systematic and one of a kind in India because of its keen emphasis on digital marketing training and holistic student support service.

    After this course, How will you be differentiated in Marketing field?

    You become a remarkable analyst, as monitoring market trends, such as changes in consumer behaviour, and making preparations to take advantage of these changes, makes you a good one. You’ll be a curious person who is always searching for new ways to lead the most popular pages on any website. You’ll be a perpetual student, attempting to learn new skills every day and polishing old ones in order to maximise your experience.

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