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Digital Marketing Courses in Borivali

    Digital Marketing Courses in Borivali

    Thinking about doing Digital Marketing Training Certification? Mediapasta Digital Marketing Training Institution is here for your help. We already have a Digital Marketing Course for students to learn. Digital Marketing Courses in Borivali is there for the rescue of students finding such courses and their packages. Mediapasta has a training team who are as well as team of experts who will teach you an exhaustive syllabus about digital marketing.

    In the fastest growing digital marketing domains, our Digital Marketing Courses in Borivali will turn you into a full digital marketer with expertise in search engine optimization, social networking, pay-per-click, conversion optimization, digital analytics, video, mobile, and email marketing. Fast-track your digital marketing career today with realistic training you can use at work.

    This Course will help you to :

    • Develop a comprehensive understanding of hot-button digital marketing issues like inbound marketing, paid marketing, social media marketing, and web analytics.
    • Become an expert in the strategy, management, and execution of integrated multi-channel initiatives.
    • In charge of the firm’s digital media divisions and promotions.

    What Skills will you enhance

    Anyone interested in advancing their career in digital marketing should take the whole digital marketing course, particularly those pursuing leadership positions. Any of the following positions will benefit from this Digital Marketing Professional Training:

    • Marketing Management
    • Specialization in field of Online Marketing
    • Professionals in Marketing or Distribution
    • Freshly Graduates of Management, Technology, Business and Communication.

    Digital marketing is a fast-changing business. With improvements in technology and strategies used, solutions easily become stale. You must keep up with the new tools, trends, and innovations in order to keep up with the complexities of Digital Marketing.

    So, if you want to learn Digital Marketing, you can participate in a current course. What’s more relevant is to provide a detailed curriculum that covers all facets of digital marketing. Not only that, but it should be industry-specific and focused on cutting-edge technology. In addition, there should be a heavy emphasis on hands-on learning.

    When building our digital marketing training programme for Borivali, we made sure to keep all of this in mind. We put a heavy focus on rapidly improving the skills of potential Digital Marketing Consultants. Our curriculum is self-contained and ensures that the learner has a detailed understanding of different Digital Marketing Platforms. To expand the learner’s horizons, in-depth strategy ideation for each channel is also taught.

    We have a range of Digital Marketing Modules that will ensure you have a full and detailed understanding of the subject. Each module takes almost about one week to complete. Our classroom training provides you with a solid practical base in Digital Marketing, while the assignments and activities ensure that you put what you’ve learned into effect.

    What are areas that we cover

    • Search Engine Optimization – How it works, Organic vs Paid search engine SEO, Keyword Research, On-page, Off-page, Technical SEO, Mobile SEO, Social SEO, Local SEO, Backlinks Audit, SEO Tools, Algorithm Updates, Google Analytics, Careers in SEO.
    • Search Engine Marketing – Introduction, Creation of Google Display Network, Mobile Ads Campaign, Youtube Marketing.
    • Social Media Marketing – Introduction, Fackebook Marketing, Creation of content for it, Tools for Content Creation, Different Marketing Platforms and their Tools, Creating Successful Social Media Strategy.
    • Email Marketing – Introduction, Content, Creativity, Resources, Email Automation.
    • Inbound Marketing – Attracting Potential Customers, Converting prospects to leads, Landing Page, Conversion Optimization, Patterns relating to it, Lifecycle Emails.
    • Web Analytics – Introduction, Google Analytics, Content Performance Analysis, Visitors Analysis, Social Media Analysis, Actionable Insights, Social CRM and Analysis, Digital Analytics, Platform Principles.
    • Facebook Marketing – Introduction, Everyting association to Facebook Marketing.
    • Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy – Introduction, Marketing Principles, Analytics, Case Study with practical test, Affiliate Marketing, How to become a free lancer for Digital Markleting?, Ecommerce listing and Marketplace selling.

    Practicals we provide :

    Practical awareness paves the way for deeper comprehension of concepts. This is particularly true in the area of digital marketing. At Mediapasta, we specialise in doing just that. We ensure that your Digital Marketing skills are taken to the next level by providing detailed hands-on assignments that enable you to learn by doing.

    The in-person classroom sessions, the instructor-led online classes, the activities on our Learning Management System, and the hands-on assignments make up our Digital Marketing Course. Each module includes detailed assignments and case studies that will give you the abilities to operate as a Digital Marketer. 

    The assignments and case studies are structured in such a way that you can apply everything you’ve learned about digital marketing. 

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