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Digital Marketing Training in Gurgaon

    Digital Marketing Training in Gurgaon

    Our Digital Marketing Training in Gurgaon will turn you into a full digital marketer with expertise in search engine optimization, social media, pay-per-click, conversion optimization, digital analytics, content, mobile, and email marketing in the top eight digital marketing domains. With practical training that you can apply for at work, fast-track your digital marketing career today.

    Something about Gurgaon:

    Gurgaon, now Gurugram, is Delhi’s satellite city situated in the northern part of the state of Haryana. With the third highest per capita income city in India, it has become a leading financial and technology center. It is now Haryana’s largest city and is also known as ‘Cyber City’ and ‘Millennium City’ because it has a range of national and multi-national IT businesses. Most MNCs have their offices in Gurgaon, which is the best place to run a business.

    What are the objectives of this Digital Marketing Training in Gurgaon?

    Mediapasta has set-up a Digital Marketing Institute in Gurgaon which provides you with a comprehensive understanding and advanced knowledge of the eight most important domains of digital marketing and involves real-world projects and virtual simulations to gain domain experience. Extensive project experience and Mimic Pro simulations will introduce you to 40+ digital marketing tools to get you ready for work. You will earn a Master’s degree from Mediapasta Digital Marketing Training after you have completed this digital marketing training program, confirming that you have mastered the skill set of a Digital Marketing Expert, validating the ability to lead the organization’s digital marketing efforts.

    A variety of disciplines are used in digital marketing, and digital marketers with the right skills are in tremendous demand. This online digital marketing training offers access to 35+ live online instructor-led courses taught by multiple professional trainers. You will also get access to e-learning material of the highest standard, simulation examinations, a group moderated by experts, Expert monthly mentoring sessions and other opportunities to help you master the full skills of digital marketing.

    This Digital Marketing course will allow you to:

    • Develop an in-depth understanding of top-of-mind digital marketing functions such as inbound marketing, paid marketing, marketing on social media and web analytics.
    • Get expertise in the preparation, administration and execution of integrated multi-channel campaigns.
    • Lead the organization’s digital marketing departments and digital marketing campaigns.

    What skills will you learn in this Digital Marketing Training in Gurgaon?

    This digital marketing course, especially those seeking positions of leadership, should be taken by anyone looking to further his or her career in digital marketing. This Digital Marketing Professional Training will benefit from either of these roles:

    • Managers of Marketing
    • Specialists for Digital Marketing
    • Professionals Marketing or Distribution
    • Graduates of Management, Technology, Business, or Communication

    A few facts and figures that explain the high demand for digital marketers around the world are below:

    • A Digital Marketing Head’s annual average salary is ₹14,68,292 in India.
    • There are 58,944+ jobs in the India, and 18,335+ jobs in Digital Marketing on are in the Maharashtra, India.

    There are 16,508+ jobs on for Digital Marketers in Maharashtra,India.

    What does a Digital Marketing specialist do?

    A digital marketing specialist is a 360-degree digital marketer who has powerful working experience in all aspects of digital marketing. The main goals of a digital marketing professional are to increase brand awareness, advertise products, grow branded website traffic, attract new consumers, generate product interest among prospects and build high visibility for the product among different markets.

    Executive Skills :

    • Digital Marketing Introduction
    • Development website
    • Optimisation for Search Engines
    • Analyzing the Web
    • Marketing for Content
    • Essentials of Architecture
    • Marketing on Social Media
    • AdSense, Marketing for Affiliates & Blogging
    • Management of E-Commerce
    • Marketing Email
    • Mobile ads

    Managerial Skills :

    • Operations Agency
    • Briefing Client
    • The Pitching Art
    • Clients Campaign Formation

    Reporting and Evaluation

    Knowledge about our training:

    We have different cirriculam for different needs:

    1. For fast-track batches and people who want to get a post-graduation degree in Digital Marketing, our courses are of 3 months.
    2. We teach you how to build a resume and even how to crack an interview for 9 months in our courses for regular Simple Digital Marketing. This course involves 3 free interview rounds in which the interview will be reviewed by our industry experts.
    3. For each course an individual completes and a discount for the next new course they apply, we provide certification.

    Fast-track batches have:

    20 hours of SEO course in the 50-hour Full Digital Marketing Course. With a Weekday Batches option of 3 times/week, the SEM/PPC course is also for 16 hours. 14 hour SMO course, which is regular. (5 days a week)

    Our Other Services :

    We also host domains and provide domain transfer services for Digital Advertising, Digital Media Purchasing, Website Creation, Website Maintenance, Website Design, Landing Page Design, Responsive Website Design, Social Media Related Services.

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