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Google Adwords Training in Gurgaon

    Google Adwords Training in Gurgaon

    Mediapasta Digital Marketing Training Institute provides the best Google Adwords Training in Gurgaon as per our current industry measures. Our training will enable individuals to secure better  placement in MNC’s. We provide the most recommended Google Adwords Training in all over Gurgaon. Our 100% practical knowledge with total practical implementation on our live projects will assure you the advantage you will recieve from this Google Adwords Training in Gurgaon.

    You might be wondering who will teach such an outstanding Google Adwords, well, our faculty are experienced stars in this industry well over a decade now. They have been working in Digital Marketing field for more than a decade and a half. With such a great experience in this field and also with immense practice of Google Adwords it is pretty obvious that our future students will gain advantage more than anyone else.

    What do we teach in Google Adwords Training in Gurgaon?

    • How to expand business with use of Google Adwords
    • Exposure on the value of Google Search
    • Understanding the Google Ads Auction
    • Delivering the Right Message with Text Ads
    • Make Ads Relevant with the help of Search Ad Extension
    • How to increase efficiency with Automated Bidding
    • Reach to Valued Customers with help of Search Audiences
    • How to Boost your Results with Optimization Score
    • How to increase Conversions with Performance Planner

    After all this you will be give self-assessment test and as per your test you will be certified on how well you got your learning experience and how can perform even better ahead in your Google Adwords.

    What does our Module set-up be like?

    • Introductory Module : Introduction to Pay Per Click, Benefits and Significance of learning PPC, PPC Campaigning, Google Adwords Account and so on.
    • Campaign : How to set up a Campaign, Utilize Manifold, PPC Advertisement Routing, Use of My Client Center, Learn Click Through Rates, Association of a Impression, Acquaintance of Conversion Rate, Learn about the Cost-Conversion, How to manage CTR and Conversion rate, What is tracking code and its set-up, and many more.
    • Keyword Research : What is Keyword Research, SEO-PPC Keyword Research, Significance behind Aimed Keywords, How to choose best Keywords, Keyword Analysis for Competition, Search volume with Keywords popularity, PPC Keyword Tools & Resources.
    • Ad Creation for PPC Campaigning : How to create effective and efficient Ad Groups & Titles, How to measure Titles, Creation of Description and URL, Enhanced ROI from Creative Ads, Pre-Requisites of Effectual Ads.
    • Bid Management : Importance of Bid, Significance of Bidding Techniques, Effects of Quality Score on Bids, What are the Ways to improve and increase rankings, Ad position Bidding, Management of Bid, User Defined Bids, Google Automatic Bids, Competitior’s Analysis for Bidding, and so on.
    • Landing Page for PPC : What is PPC Landing Page, Landing Page Importance, Landing Page VS. Basic Ads, Click-through-rates , Landing Page Optimization, Increment in Conversion Rates.
    • Reporting : Keyword Performance Report, Campaign Performance Report, Ad Group Performance Report, Ad Performance Report.

    How can a person become PPC Specialist?

    If you want to become a PPC specialist, this Advanced PPC Google Adwords Course may help you. This course will help you gain in-depth understanding of bidding techniques, ranking algorithms, measurement of performance, ad platforms, enhancement of lead generation, and marketing for search engines, which will help you master Pay Per Click and gain a its certificate.

    Who can get advantage by taking up Google Adwords Course in Gurgaon?

    This Course is ideal for :

    1. Managers in field of Marketing
    2. Online Marketing Executives
    3. Marketing and Sales Experts
    4. Students who have degree in Management, Engineering, Business and Communication Graduates
    5. Enterprenuers as well as Business Owners.

    MediaPasta Digital Marketing Training Institute delivers an in-depth SEM Course in Gurgaon. Students having SEM certification are able to cover a really quick job in any Multi National Company. Students need to just enroll in Mediapasta’s SEM Course in Gurgaon to sharpen their skills and techniques involved in the technology. Our crucial strength is our expert trainers, who are expert professionals and veteran from the industry working for more than a decade. At SEM Course in Gurgaon, our trainers have gathered and developed latest syllabus practical modules. During the SEM Course in Gurgaon, trainers will create realistic situation for teaching our students.

    After completion of the SEM course and qualification, our duties do not end. We offer the students a SEM training course with a placement solution. Our placement team plans placement drives and holds interviews with various MNCs as well. We have also maintained a modest SEM course fee in order to benefit students from all parts of society. Additionally, students find the length of the SEM training course versatile. According to the requirements of the student, SEM course time is arranged.

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