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Google Analytics Training Institute in Mumbai

    Google Analytics Training Institute in Mumbai

    People have started looking for “Short Term Digital Marketing Courses” as the importance of Digital Marketing has risen in the current decade. What are the benefits of joining such short term digital marketing courses? The benefits are as follows :

    1. Your marketing campaigns would be more cost-effective and flexible as a result of the reduced costs.
    2. Consumers who rely on their cell phones or do all of their shopping online are granted access.
    3. The opportunity to talk authoritatively on issues surrounding your product or business
    4. A chance to communicate with influencers, gain their confidence, and have them endorse your company
    5. Multiple forms of media can be integrated into the marketing.
    6. The opportunity to follow customers’ purchases.

    Beginners training for Google Analytics

    Google Analytics for Beginners demonstrates how to set up a Google Analytics account, add tracking code, and create data filters. You’ll find out how to use the Google Analytics interface and results, as well as how to build dashboards and shortcuts. The course will also teach you how to build targets and track campaigns, as well as how to evaluate basic Audience, Acquisition, and Behavior reports.

    Unit 1: Getting Started with Google Analytics

    • Lesson 1: What is the purpose of digital analytics?
    • Lesson 2: How does Google Analytics work?
    • Lesson 3: How do I set up Google Analytics?
    • Lesson 4: How to Construct Filtered Views

    Unit 2: The Google Analytics Frontier

    • Lesson 1: Computing Google Analytics
    • Lesson 2: Understanding overall reports
    • Lesson 3: Understanding detailed reports

    Lesson 4: How to export reports

    Lesson 5: Setting up dashboards and shortcuts

    Unit 3: Base-line Reports

    • Lesson 1: Audience (reports)
    • Lesson 2: Acquisition (reports)
    • Lesson 3: Behavior (reports)

    Unit 4: Base-line Campaign and Conversion Tracking

    • Lesson 1: Measuring Custom Campaigns
    • Lesson 2: How to track campaigns with the URL Builder
    • Lesson 3: Use Goals to measure objectives of the business
    • Lesson 4: Measure Google Ads campaigns

    Lesson 5: Course review and other steps

    Advance training for Google Analytics

    Advanced Google Analytics Training Institute in Mumbai discusses how data is gathered and turned into understandable reports. You’ll discover how to collect data unique to your company using configurations such as Custom Measurements, Custom Metrics, and Event Tracking.

    More sophisticated research methods, such as segmentation, channel reports, viewer reports, and custom reports, will be illustrated, as well as marketing tactics such as remarketing and Interactive Remarketing, which display advertisements to customers who have clicked on your website.

    Unit 1: Data Acquisition and Processing

    • Lesson 1: Google Analytics data Acquisition
    • Lesson 2: Segrigation into users and sessions
    • Lesson 3: Applying settings for configuration
    • Lesson 4: Storing information as data and generating reports
    • Lesson 5: Creation of measurement plan

    Unit 2: Setting Up Process for Data Collection and Configuration

    • Lesson 1: Organizing your Analytics account
    • Lesson 2: Setting up advanced filters on views
    • Lesson 3: Creating your own Custom Dimensions
    • Lesson 4: Creating your own Custom Metrics
    • Lesson 5: Understanding user behavior with Event Tracking

    Lesson 6: More useful configurations and settings

    Unit 3: Advanced Analysis – Tools and Techniques

    • Lesson 1: Segmenting data for insight
    • Lesson 2: Analyzing data by channel
    • Lesson 3: Analyzing data by audience
    • Lesson 4: Analyzing data with Custom Reports

    Unit 4: Advanced Marketing – Tools

    • Lesson 1: Introduction – Remarketing
    • Lesson 2: Better targeting with use of Dynamic Remarketing
    • Lesson 3: Course Summary

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