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SEO Courses in Palam Vihar Gurgaon

    SEO Courses in Palam Vihar Gurgaon

    Who are we?

    Mediapasta Digital Marketing Training Institute is a globally recognized institution for learning Digital Education and its related Courses. We mount students with our teaching in various disciplines that shape their future in fields like- Digital Marketing, SEO Management, SMM Management, SEM Management, Advertisement, Graphic Designing, Etc.

    We are consistently ranked among the list for seamless ‘anytime, anywhere’ online education, intensive professional exposure, industry & results oriented teaching delivered from our ambicious experts and world class experienced faculty. We believe in building a learning community which is globally collaborative.

    What does our SEO Courses in Gurgaon has to offer?

    We have Modules generated specifically from our in-field experts who have their own generated notes and also a syllabus which is upto-date with Digital Marketing field:

    • SEO Introduction Module : Importance of SEO, What is SEO?, Search Engine Ecosystems Components, What drives Search Engines Ecosystem, SEO and Social Media, Pros and Cons for SEO, What are outdated SEO Techniques, SEO Career in Industry, Local SEO, Ecommerce SEO, Individual SEO, SEO by Industry, What will be the Opportunities and Skills according to it, Knowledge Check.
    • How SEO Works : Major Search Engines, Minor Search Engines, International Search Engines, Search Engine Mechanism, Search Engine Crawling, What is Robots.txt, Sitemaps, Storing, Processing and also Indexing, Ranking.
    • Types of SEO : What are the types, What is White Hat SEO, What is Black Hat SEO, What is Grey Hat SEO, Mistakes made during SEO, SEO Best Practices, What is a SEO Spam, Table on SEO Success Factor.
    •  Keyword Research and Analysis : What are KeyWords, Importance of KeyWords, Performing KeyWord Research, Demo: Keyword Research Tool (Google Adwords), Keyword Research and Competitive Intelligence, Types of Queries, Short Tail Query : Pros and Cons for it, Long Tail Query, Competitive Analysis Overview, Factors inb Competitive Analysis, Business-to-Business V/S Business-to-Customer.
    • On-Page Optimization : What is On-Page Optimization, On-Page Factors, On-Page Title Tags, On-Page Meta Tags and Description, On-Page Header Tags, On-Page URL’s and URL Structure, Image Alt Text, Internal Links, Keyword Usage, Sitemaps, On-Page Dont’s, Keyword Stuffing, Repetitive Anchor, Cloaking, Perfectly Optimized On-Page, SEO Factors, Top Ranking Factors.
    • Off-Page optimization : What is Off-Page Optimization, Signals of Popularity, Why Links?, Off-Page Engagement, Utilize Offline Relationships, Types of Links, Link Building Dont’s.
    • Duplicate/ Copied Content : What is Duplicate Content?, How to Check Dulicate Content?, Common Instances.
    • Design and Architecture : Design and Architecture Definition, Impotance of Designs, Design : Best Practice, Designing Search Engines.
    • Local SEO : What is Local SEO, Local Searches, NAP, Directories, Top Local SEO Signals.

    Who can join the course?

    • Working Professional in I.T. department, Statistics, Big Data, Analytics, etc.
    • Fresh Graduates of the course of Engineering, Digital Marketing, M.B.A., IT Background, equivalent degree.
    • Professionals who are looking ahead to develop skills into doing statistical analysis to support the decision making process.

    Inshort every single person who feels to make their career in the field of Search Engine Optimization can opt for the SEO Courses in Gurgaon.

    What would be the combination of Courses and Fees related to it?

    We have a Limited Time Offer for our students thinking to join our SEO Courses in Gurgaon. We provide our SEO Courses worldwide at a minimal price of Rs. 8,500 excluding GST. Even our competitors don’t provide such affordable rates as we provide here at MediaPasta Digital Markeitng in Gurgaon.

    Students can apply for a combined Complete Digital Markeitng Course where we teach full fledge Digital Marketing with SEO Course for more than 20 Hours, also we have a seperate SEO Course which is for duration more than 35 hours.

    What to expect in SEO Courses in Gurgaon?

    Having completed and covering all aspects of SEO, Totally Open Workplace Training Culture, Flexible Training Time Periods, Related Training Live Tasks Assignments, Working on Paid Live Ad Campaigns, 100 percent Placement Assistance, upwards of 40 hours of courses if appropriate.

    Do we provide more such Advanced Courses?

    Yeah, we now teach other programs in Advanced Content Marketing and Advanced Web Analytics. For details on such advanced courses, please feel free to contact us or visit us at our local branch.

    MediaPasta is just not a Local Institution, we have students from all over India and even International students who get enhanced studies with our over a decade long experienced staff.

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