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SEO Training in Kalyan

SEO Training in Kalyan

This Search Optimization course will transform you into a complete SEO expert with expertise in the top eight skills required to become a SEO expert  __ critical thinker, speaking and writing ability, technical and programing skills, social behavioral skill, analytics skill, excel skill, motivation and adaptability skill, growth in humor. Fast-track your career in digital marketing with specialization in SEO today with practical training you can apply onto your job.

SEO is about making websites best at both the server and page level in a structured way to enhance their chances of being found on search engines, with the final goal of generating traffic and conversion. Understanding both levels that is page optimization and server optimization is what makes a recognizable SEO practitioner. Knowing on-page optimization (e.g., title tags, alt tags, copy optimization) is helpful but it’s more difficult to understand the technical side of SEO, such as codes. You can win your ranking battle easily if you’re well-versed with technical SEO.

Mediapasta Digital Marketing Training helps you to find suitable plans for specialisation from a wide range of selection of certification courses. These specalisational courses will help you in making your future bright. Our experts are in Digital Marketing field for more than 10 years giving lives to en-number of students future.

We have introduced new Digital Marketing Training in Kalyan under our name providing SEO Training in Kalyan. There you can visit us at 1803, Platina, CBG, Kalyan Shilphata Road, Palava, Dombivli East. Our experts provide SEO services to our work satisfied clients and the same expertise can be gained by you enroll now for the SEO training in Kalyan.

Here we provide Enterprise-grade learning management system (LMS), Flexible pricing options, learner assistance and support all days of the week. Enroll now for the best SEO Training in Kalyan

Key points in our SEO training :

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Adwords
  • Keyword Planner
  • Search Engine Journal
  • Search Engine Landing
  • Webmaster World
  • Keyword Mapping
  • Google Trends

and many more…

SEO Mistakes which are Common:

  • Slow site speeds.
  • Block files.
  • Media runs slow.
  • Interstitials ads.
  • Poor local information.
  • Non-responsive web design.


    Complete SEO Course ( Basic and Advanced ) @Rs. 12,500 8,500 excluding GST.


Answer : On finishing Social Media Marketing Courses in Gurgaon, marketing professionals with relevant work experience can earn a salary upwards of 7.5 lakhs per annum. Newbies in the field can expect between INR 2 and 4 lakhs per annum. The income can vary based on the job profile and years of work experience of the applicant. The salary for an experienced digital marketer can vary between INR 5 and 12 lakhs p.a.

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Answer : When you completely learn this course and get certified from us you will be capable of Profile like:

  • Social Media Manager
  • Social Media Strategist
  • Social Media Planner

Social Media Analyst

Category: SEO Training

Lesson 1 : Basic SEO previously learnt

Lesson 2 : Website Management and Optimization

Lesson 3 : Planning a New Website

Lesson 4 : Market your Optimized Website

Lesson 5 : Analytics and Measurement

Category: SEO Training

Lesson 1 : SEO Introduction

Lesson 2 : How Search Engine Work

Lesson 3 : Types of SEO

Lesson 4 : Competitive Analysis and Keyword Planning

Lesson 5 : On-Page Optimization and Off-Page Optimization

Lesson 6 : Duplicate Content

Lesson 7 : Design and Architecture

Lesson 8 : Local SEO

Lesson 9 : Updates on Algorithm and SEO Updates

Lesson 10 : SEO Tools and Quiz on all Lessons learned.

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SEO training is beneficial for anyone who wants to become efficient in best SEO practicies, specifically: Digital Marketing Professionals, Marketing Managers, Content Writers, Marketing and Sales Professionals, Management students, Engineering students, Business and Communication Graduates, Enterprenuers and Business Owners.

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As every business is now running on the internet there is a cut throat competition for being on the top ranking position on the internet. Hence to improve your ranking on the internet learning and applying SEO on your business website is very important. Learning SEO and becoming a SEO Expert will help you in growing your business.

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