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SMM Courses in Palam Vihar Gurgaon

    SMM Courses in Palam Vihar Gurgaon

    Digital Marketing Course in Gurgaon is now introducing new Social Media Marketing Courses in Gurgaon where you can now apply for both individually as well as in a combined package. Our management team has experts panel kept ready with all new teaching techniques and also with all up-to-date syllabus.

    Training Modules include :

    • Social Media Terms
    • Social Media Benefits
    • Social Media Campagins and Monitoring
    • Blogging and Strategy
    • Twitter Marketing
    • Facebook Marketing
    • Instagram Marketing
    • Linkedin Marketing
    • Social Media Reporting and Metrics
    • Social Media Tools
    • Photo Sharing
    • Video Sharing

    How can Social Media Marketing Courses help you boost your Career?

              Social Media Marketing is the crucial part of digital marketing. The demand for social media advertisers is growing day by day. Most companies are replacing traditional marketing with digital marketing to boost sales and revenue. For so many people across the globe already on these social networks, it’s easier to reach out to larger audiences.

                    You don’t need any prior experience or technical skills to avail in this course. If you’re looking to enter this field too, join Mediaplasta’s Social Media Marketing courses in Gurgaon.

    What will you get to learn from our Social Media Marketing Courses in Gurgaon?

                           The training has been developed under the support of industry professionals who have years of expertise. Designed to offer a detailed understanding of the subject, the package incorporates extensive course material and case studies. The training takes a practical approach to social media marketing training via video sessions, application-based projects, training videos and online tests.

    On completion of the training, you – Gain in-depth knowledge needed to become a capable and skilled social media strategist and digital marketer, Learn to implement successful social media campaigns that help a company get higher ROI, Gain new skills to successfully analyse the trends and consumer patterns to develop effective engagement tactics for a company.

    Limited Time OFFER

    Complete Social Media Marketing = Rs. 12,000    Rs. 8,000 (excluding GST)


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