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Web Development Training in Thane

    Web Development Training in Thane

    Mediapasta has the best of Digital Marketing, Thane, where we consistently try to come up  with new skills to learn everyday. Our faculty has improved the learning of Web Development Training in Thane where now students can not only get sharpened to skills of Full Stack Developer but also can have practicals on how the industry work.

    The web development industry has grown at a rapid speed since the commercialization of the web. For web developers and designers, this has created a tremendous potential. Full stack web developer, backend web developer, and Frontend web developer were among the top developer occupations worldwide in the survey conducted in 2016.

    In the year 2017, web developer was the first option for developers with 72.6% occupancy in the available positions amongst various developer roles.

    Why do Web Development Training?

    • Highly Wanted-After Work. Web development has become one of the most sought after jobs.
    • The high-paying work industry.
    • Be a boss of your own.
    • Remotely Function.
    • Enhance Your Imagination.
    • A nice experience and an interesting work.
    • Upgrade your problem-solving skills.
    • A Potential Work for the future.

    Some advances of being a Web Developer

    If you are a quick learner and flexible with programming languages, web development and enhancement is an awesome field as a profession. One more purpose of having web development as a career is that you might work as a freelancer as well.

    Our Key Highlights for Training :

    • Sped up Training – All training courses are intended to be completed within a period of 4-8 weeks. In order to transform you into a web ninja, we have you on board ASAP.
    • Trendy Technologies – All our courses are developed by professionals to include the industry’s most trendy technologies that will help you find the best career opportunities with ZERO compromise.
    • Experts in Industrial sector – We say, “To learn from the experts to become a professional.” All of our training workshops are organised by industry experts.
    • Intern Opportunities – We recommend the best internship opportunities at leading web agencies & startups after training sessions.

    The Mediapasta Training Institute for Digital Marketing specialises in offering Web Development courses in Thane, Mumbai. For both traditional and sensitive website design, publishing and maintaining websites for both private and professional use, the web design training provided offers critical information and proper skills. For this course, no previous knowledge of web design, HTML or WordPress is needed.

    You can learn how to design page templates, create web pages with HTML, style pages with wordpress, and add Google maps and YouTube videos as one of the top Web Development Institutes in Thane. Our web design curriculum also teaches HTML5, At our web design courses, our experienced trainers will direct and assist the students to know how to work with these resources and also encourage them to create apps, test functionality and host the website.

    We provide learning about Managed WordPress & WooCommerce Service. On our cloud servers, you can learn how to host your WordPress sites and enjoy stunning results and a managed service.

    Start Simple & Updates Managed

    For new and existing sites, our cloud plans provide quick onboarding and managed auto-updates for WordPress and WooCommerce. Find Out More

    Git & WP-CLI, Staging

    With a convenient staging tool and Git and WP-CLI integration, we promote your WordPress and WooCommerce production flow. Find Out More

    Caching Dynamic & More

    Speed up your WordPress and Woo sites by smart dynamic caching and several other performance enhancements with our SG Optimizer plugin. Find Out More

    What is our Syllabus?

    Module 1 : Introduction to Internet Network and Websites – Web Designing Opportunities,

    The Websites Styles, How does it work on websites?, Introduction to the Internet and Site Web Designing Tools.

    Module 2 : Code Editor – Preferences and workspace with Introduction, Dreamweaver’s First Page, Configuring the Pages and Servers, Code Usability, Type Sheet Construction for Web Pages, Act with Text Insert Pictures, Network Ties Forming, Acting with AP Components and DIVs, Built in Habits Usage, Setting Interactive Forms for Tables, Frames, and Framesets, Using Timelines to build lists, Sites by Spry and AJAX, With Multimedia Elements included, Improving Website Maintenance and Usability.

    We offer website design and web development courses, customized wordpress development courses, responsive web design courses, e-commerce website development courses, SEO courses and digital marketing courses in Thane, Mumbai.

    Our course provision

    • 50+ Hours of Learning
    • Lifetime subscription to the Career Management Call Service
    • 1:1 Mentorship from Design Pioneers
    • Weekly Live Workshops at the Workplace
    • Skill Hackathons every month
    • Mock Interviews & Development of Profile with Concept Hiring Managers

    For more information on our Digital Marketing Courses please visit us personally or even fill the form on our website link : and for any fees related queries fill this form and get exclusive deals and offers on courses at Mediapasta Training.

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