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Digital Marketing in Kalyan

    Digital Marketing in Kalyan

    Since the Corona-Virus pandemic each and every individual has been affected in terms of doing business. Some individuals lost their jobs due to the job being a traditional means of carrying the job.

    Digital Marketing is such an amazing career where even if there is a pandemic outside, a Digital Marketer would easily continue their work. That is why we Mediapasta Digital Marketing Training has brought to you a new branch near you in Kalyan and Dombivli.

    We have introduced new Digital Marketing Institute in Kalyan under our name providing Digital Marketing Course in Kalyan. There you can visit us at 1803, Platina, CBG, Kalyan Shilphata Road, Palava, Dombivli East.

    Our trainers have an experience of 10+ years in the field of Digital Marketing and carrying the pride of successfully providing training to countless students and working professionals all over India.

    Our experts provide SEO services to our work satisfied clients and the same expertise can be gained by you enroll now for the SEO training in Kalyan.

    Knowledge about our Training :

    We have different cirriculam for different needs.

    • Our courses are of 3months for the fast-track batches and the people who want to have a post graduation in Digital Marketing.
    • Our courses for normal Basic Digital Marketing is for 9months where we teach you how to create a resume and even how to crack an interview. Including this course is 3 free interview rounds where our industry experts will examine the interview.
    • We provide Certification for each course a person completes and a discount for the next new course they apply

    Fast-track batches have:

    • SEO course for 20 hours in the Complete Digital Marketing Course of 50 hours. SEM/PPC course is for 16 hours also with an option of Weekday Batches of 3times/week. SMO course for 14 hours which is everyday. (5 days/week)

    Key Highlights of the Course:

    • More than 250 hours of training
    • 1-on-1 mentoring
    • 5+ Live projects to work with
    • New Skill Exposure every week
    • 20+ Industry Tools Mastery in just 6months

    Executive Skills:

    • Introduction to Digital Marketing
    • Website Development
    • Search Engine Optimisation
    • Web Analysis
    • Content Marketing
    • Design Essentials
    • Social Media Marketing
    • AdSense, Affiliate Marketing & Blogging
    • E-Commerce Management
    • Email Marketing
    • Mobile Marketing

    Managerial Skills:

    • Agency Operations
    • Client Briefing
    • The Art of Pitching
    • Campaign Creation for Clients
    • Reporting and Evaluation


    Who can learn with us?

    • Sales and Marketing personals
    • Enterprenuers
    • Digital Marketers
    • Students from any field
    • Any other Working Professional.

    What skills will you acquire?

    How to confidently pitch to our prospect:  Learn how to deliver an amazing pitch to your prospect by understanding their requirements and combining knowledge of Digital Marketing.

    Digital Analytics Mastery: Learn from the different analytical tools taught to you in the advance digital marketing course in kalyan and get started with the analytical and statistical mastery.

    Become a Recognized Freelancer:  Learn how to position yourself as an internationally rocognizable freelancer, identify opportunities and to pitch business across the globe.

    Learn to start your own agency:  Are you looking to start your own agency? Our experts will walk to you through all the essential of building an online agency.

    How to become a highly paid influencer: Grow your follower base, increase brand loyalty, network with brands and learn how you can become a highly paid and a successsful influencer.

    Our Core Modules taught?

    • Digital Marketing Module
    •  SEO Module
    • SEM & PPC Module
    • SMO Module
    • Design Module


    We as provide the best Quality Training to our students. Not only we have College Students and Fresh Graduates but also Working Professionals who get trained under the same guidance umbrella of our experts. We provide courses of all types ranging from post-graduate programs upto fast-tracked Digital Marketing courses to topic-specific. This type of keen focus on digital marketing training and holistic student support service makes it very systematic and one of a kind in India.

    Why do Digital Marketing?

    Why not! It is career path which is rising at a blooming rate. Every traditional business has been changed and competed through internet. Then why not to get updated and start learning digital marketing to secure the future.

    What makes you a different and successful Digital Marketer from others?

    You become a remarkable observer as observing the changes happening into the market with changes in the behaviour of a customer and making plans on taking over these changes makes you a successful one. You will be a curious person seeking out new-new techniques to lead the trending pages on every platform. You will be an eternal student trying to learn new skills every day and polishing old skills to max out the knowledge.

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