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SEO Content Marketing in Thane, Mumbai

    SEO Content Marketing in Thane, Mumbai

    Mediapasta the best Digital Marketing Institute in Thane has always been on point with Blogs and Articles because our Content in those Blogs and Articles are so much relatable. Best Content can only be called best if it is relatable to the current scenarios of its reader.

    That is the reason why we teach our students at Mediapastas’ Digital Marketing Institute in Thane how to create the best Content for their readers and also attracting more and more new daily readers.

    What do we mean by Content Marketing?

    Well the most simplest answer to that is – “Content marketing is a strategic approach to marketing and sales that focuses on developing and delivering content that is useful, appropriate and reliable to attract and maintain a clearly identified audience and accordingly drive beneficial consumer action.”

    Traditional marketing will become less and less successful by the minute; you realize there has to be a better way as a future understanding marketer. At the heart of your marketing should be able to produce valuable material.

    Content is one thing in the cluttered web domain of today that can make you stand out.

    It’s important to communicate facts, trivia, best practises, and other valuable content with your customers and make an impact. You need to refrain from relying on a one-sided sales pitch and build a content plan to deliver the details you are looking for to your clients. And if you don’t, there’ll be someone else!

    Why do we feel the need of Content Marketing in todays era?

    • Stronger commitment to clients
    • Enhanced awareness/product/service of the brand
    • Best Generation of Leads
    • SERP enhanced
    • More traffic Rises in revenue
    • Fewer reports from consumers as a result of consumer education

    What you will learn in this course of SEO Content Marketing in Thane?

    Throughout this course, you will explore the key approaches that content marketers use to profitably acquire and retain clients. In particular, you will learn how to create, coordinate and execute a content marketing plan, evaluate and measure content marketing efficacy, write persuasive copies, use a strategic structure when writing, and through content marketing, construct your professional brand. You will also experience how to bring the ideas expressed to you into action and, through content marketing, create your own personal brand.

    What benefits are there during and after completion of this course?

    • Upon completion, receive a Certificate
    • Start learning with us immediately!
    • Intermediate learning stage
    • Convenient Live Assignments
    • Learn various forms of content writing such as blogs, posts, e-learning courses, and writing web content
    • 20+ teaching hours and practical experience

    Why Mediapasta you ask?

    Mediapasta is the leading brand for Digital Marketing Courses and Services. We have our experts which are mentoring now well over a decade. Our coaching has risen up the stakes because our students after completion of these courses are earning a fortune. Talk to our experts pannel for our courses and you will get to know the actual difference between theorotical learning and our amazing way of practical learning.

    This course is planned for :

    • Marketing Practitioners
    • Inbound Experts
    • Producers Of Material

    What topics are there for students to read :

    • Storytelling’s Strength
    • Content creation system building
    • Planning a blueprint for long-term content
    • Material Ideas Building
    • Creating quality blog material that your audience enjoys reading and sharing
    • How Mediapasta actually Uses Blogging to Rate #1
    • Extension of the importance of your content by modifying
    • Creating clusters of subjects and pillar pages
    • How to develop an effective plan for video marketing
    • Building a plan for guest blogging SEO Driven
    • How to better support content assessment and content analysis

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    • Email : [email protected] / [email protected]
    • Location : 1803, Platina, CBG, Kalyan Shilphata Road, Palava, Behind Xperia Mall, Kalyan, Dombivli, Thane.

    What will we teach for Content Marketing

    • Overview and Approach Content Marketing
    • Channels for Content Marketing
    • Writing messages and producing content Bringing your message into the strategy & challenges of media content
    • Marketing blog
    • Platforms in Social Media Marketing
    • Marketing for Image
    • Video Marketing Post and Marketing Press Release
    • Event Marketing for Email Marketing

    Key Highlights of this Course :

    • Unique tailored Syllabus
    • All Modes of Payment will be approved
    • Live Client Interaction with Live Project Assignments
    • Free Demo Class are Available
    • Industry Expert Faculties with experience over 13 years
    • Individual Mentoring for Every Student
    • Doubt Clear Separate Session
    • Career Guidance Lecture
    • Intensive Training with Expert Guidance
    • Course duration- 20+ hours
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